Successfully completed TAR works and was praised by the leaders of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Grou
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News Release

Successfully completed TAR works  and was praised by the leaders of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Group

         In the TAR of 2017, NCC undertook works in two working areas covering 17 items in which most works are related to the leading products of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Group. It is normal that TAR work is urgent and has high requirement in safety, schedule and quality in overhauls. Under the leadership of Mr. You Wanchun, the project department mobilized all personnel to work out an overhaul plan. They planed in advanced and worked overtime and successfully completed the TAR works including c-401 tower, cyclohexanone consumption reduction, and conversion of synthetic ammonia hydrogen compression systems. At the same time, NCC also helped other construction company to complete the stress relief of the turbine pipeline and ensured all TAR work being finished on time. 

         During  TAR, NCC has arranged 15 safety officers to work on site and perform supervision during the overall process. Material department arranged all deliveries to site in order to support the urgent TAR work.   The logistics department worked overtime to provide delicious food for the on-site workers. The Party branch of the project department gave full play in the Tar work. With hard work of the Tar work project department and supports from NCC headquarter, TAR work was performed orderly and successfully completed and received highly praised by leaders of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Group. The department took many pictures of the work scenes in the TAR work, showing the work face of Chinese party members.

                                                                 Nanhua Project Department